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Thread: GoJac Photo 2008 - International Photo Contest

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    Default GoJac Photo 2008 - International Photo Contest

    As a consequence to the negative reaction of the public on the forums, GoJac Photo Contest is momentarily in pause.
    In order to guarantee more transparency we have decided to:
    - create a jury consisting of more (acknowledged) members;
    - diminish the subscription fee;
    - change the prizes, also by adding one consisting in sum of money.
    In the meantime, while we are working on applying these modifications, we appologize to you all.
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    Right, and before I give 20.00 us dollars, what is the stats of the site? A silver dish for your opinion? Humm? I think I will spend 20.00 on my next dive trip, but good luck! BTW I think your site is too plastic! Just my opinion! I wish you well and hope you make a million!
    May all your dreams be wet ones! Visit us at
    Reed's Rod dive Tool Please help save the worlds Coral reefs!

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