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Great news on Gallery images!
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Thread: Great news on Gallery images!

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    Default Great news on Gallery images!

    Great news for all you out there in Aqua-land!

    We've just made a feature where anytime you create an album in the ScubaMagazine Gallery and put images in it, now all images will have 3 different linking codes automatically generated for you under each image.

    What does this mean? Anywhere you like to post on the Internet, you can now share your images anywhere on the Internet without having to upload them again-our Scubamagazine.net Gallery becomes your dive related image hosting site.

    Just go to the image in the Gallery, scroll below it, below the "Additional Info" in the blue bar, the 1st field says "Linked Thumbnail".

    We'll use one of our Photo Forum moderators, Imran's Nudi image as an example. Great shot Imran!

    If I take that automatically generated code under his image where it says "Linked Thumbnail" code and just copy and paste it below or just about anywhere on the Internet, below is what will it will look like, try clicking on it:

    Now below that is another field titled: "BB Code". Now taking Zero's great weedy seadragon photos, and copying and pasting the automatically generated BB Code and pasting it just about anywhere on the Internet, it will look like below:

    Then in the final field titled: "Direct Link", and we'll use Allison's Bagibanta pygmy seahorse as an example, copy and paste it just about anywhere on the Internet, it will look like below, and try clicking on it.


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    Well, isn't that just handy ...

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