Hello Surgers,

I am starting to research Curacao in advance of our trip on 12-Jan-2019. As is my norm, I dive into all Great Adventures without respect for societal norms, group dynamics, or other pleasantries--complete focus with OCD and ADHD sprinkled on top.

Don't worry, when the dive boat singles-up, and then becomes underway and making way, I will be a 100% member of the crew--wherever we go, whatever we do, I will be all in! Consensus will be sacrosanct.

However, right now I will appreciate your help:
If you have dived Curacao, please pass on the "must-dive" (bucket list) sites. Please explain why; why is it unique? Are there spots like 1000 Steps (Bonaire) on Curacao? Are there spots like Vertigo (St. Croix) on Curacao? Or like Puako (Da Big Island, Hawaii)?
Subjectivity is your standard of excellence--you are our SME (subject matter expert)--pepper us with your feelings.
If you have not dived Curacao, please pass on the fruits of your research as to "must-dive" sites;
Rules of Engagement and Order of Battle:
Their are non. IE: If you meet someone in a bar in Toronto, and they are Curacao experts, either real or imagined, use whatever means you desire to extract intelligence from them. Please cite your sources, your trade craft, and of course, your method of extraction.
Oh, one more thing, can we ramp-up the fun we are having with our Curacao Surge Great Adventure, starting now?


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