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Thread: Namale, Fiji - Resort and Spa

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    Thumbs up Namale, Fiji - Resort and Spa

    Everything is catered to you however you want it, 5 star PADI resort, boat leaves for a daily dive at 9am every morning. You can schedule 3 dives in a day if weather permits, and Namena Marine Reserve is the furthest site at about 20min to destination. 2 DM's every trip (one up front, one in the back), the diving crew are all native Fijian's. They are well trained and I felt very comfortable with them.

    Water can be a bit choppy sometimes depending on when you go. I was there in June/July and the surface swell was larger than you usually want. They drop you off just beyond the reef wall and instruct you to go straight down, no surface time. Current can be real strong. I wouldn't recommend the dives I went on for beginners. Having to surface for any reason at all there could be a dangerous proposition, and a fear of heights might really scare a beginner or someone that just isn't comfortable outside calm shallow waters.

    Everything you could imagine as far as marine life. What I spent years watching on documentaries is exactly what you see down below in Fiji. Every color you can imagine. Sharks, octopus, barracuda, batfish the size of your torso nibbling at your fins during safety stops, sea cucumbers the size of your leg, huge sea fans, clear warm water, etc. If you got underwater photography or video gear don't leave it home!

    The dive sites I visited are North Save A Tac, Chimney (aka Thumbs Up), Dreamhouse, and Hole in the Wall.

    No way around air fare but there are plenty of versions of diving in Fiji without spending a fortune. All rates were affordable as far as diving and rentals.

    Hang with the locals at night and drink Kava, it's a good time!

    Namale Resort Website
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    Great report! It sparked my curiosity, so I checked out their website, REALLY nice authentic accomodations!

    They have a 15 foot projection screen for watching movies, they have a 2 lane bowling alley, an interactive golf thing, etc.
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    Is that the place that was just featured on "Survivor-Fiji" last night?

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