Hi all,

I've got a 10yr old daughter who is about to begin her SCUBA training (officially). She's been through the PADI and SSI books with me, so the class work should pose no problem for her (I made her learn the tables too ).

She already has all her gear except for her regs. I've had her try my 2nd stage (SP G250V), and it looked a little big, even with a smaller mouthpiece. I have looked at Aqua Lung, Oceanic, and SP. How do Mares and/or Hollis compare in size/weight? I'm looking to spend around $500-600, and want something she can use for a long time. We are heading to a few more shops next week to see what they have to offer, but was looking for opinions of those who are willing to share, specifically, those with smaller divers.



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