But he could only play 9 p.m., when his curfew kicks in. That, in addition to the Fortnite Items chunk of the afternoon specializing in college, limits Jackson's game time significantly.Even as a pro gamer with a stuffy program, Jackson said he's not glued to his computer if he has free time. "Obviously I don't play [4 p.m. until 9 p.m.] every day. I'll get home, and if we've got something arranged, I'll go outside to a museum or something like that. I don't match every day 24 hours."

Ashland University Wins Big With New buy fortnite materials Videogame Scholarship

In case you have teenagers, you have likely heard of Fortnite, the free streaming videogame that started last fall and is taking over the virtual world. But the big news today is that shortly Ohio's Ashland University will be offering scholarships to proficient Fortnite players to play on their varsity Esports team. It is a move that presents us with a powerful marketing movement for Ashland, for Fortnite, for Esports and for the videogame class generally.

And Ashland University rankings itself directly from the future.Let's forget about Ashland here. This university was in front of most schools by launching an Esports program at all. That took a while and some risk tolerance. But consider what it says to prospective students.