A dive buddy called me up last weekend and said lets go diving, tides was before lunch, but the coast was two hours away and my gear was scattered all over the place. We decided to go up to clear lake up hwy 126 out of eugene/springfield.

When we got to the resort end of the lake that is open year round, there was a foot of snow on the ground and it looked like there was ice on the end of the lake.

We donned our gear and my camera fogged up when we hit the water(insert many bad words here ). had a great dive hit about 50 feet and had a water temp of 38-42F and the viz was over two hundred feet, I love clear water. We headed to the end of the lake and were able to "poke" our heads 'through' the 6" thick ice, it was very slushy. I took some photos any way. We went back to shore via the sunken rowboat, my first time...way cool.

The second dive went better camera wise. One of my pic is an avitar on a flickr.com group site, yeah me. Headed over to the ice again...when will we get the chance to play under the crystal ceiling again??? This dive I forgot to change my batteries (ugh, i feel like charlie brown sometimes).

Two great dives with a great buddy in a great lake.