the floor industry of this town is the bibcock industry that supports its to develop all the time, make home's famed characteristic industry group. Current, company of installing no cracks composite decking company of many 170 terminal, many 310 relevant form a complete set is had inside group, produce per year can exceed 150 million square metre, portion of home market of aggrandizement wood floor is had rate is successive and old

reside 60% above firmly. However, swimming pool deck supplies as the change of client demand, in recent years, aggrandizement wood floor is in the market gradually disfavor, sale share drops quickly. For this, horizontal Lin Zhen put forward to upgrade the traditional industry, development strategy that makes green live in an industry. This town carries the green product such as floor of manufacturer wooden swimming pool china the development PVC

floor, floor that do not have aldehyde, black lead Xi, undertake upgrading to the product replacement. In the meantime, exert oneself breeds electronic business affairs, anti-fungus composite v groove tongue accelerate enterprise intelligence to change transform etc, help strength this one industry is crossed on new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. In plan economy worked 2018 in, horizontal Lin Zhen upgrades the