information, should appeal to together, undertake communication in the light of the price and cost with American respect, seek the help of government, institution teak marine accessories functioning abroad and guild at the same time, to the United States " double instead " behavior undertakes striking back, and accelerate transition and strategy to adjust pace. The enterprise income tax as the United States will

from 35% reduce to 20% and a environmental protection wood pattern vejle series of taxation privilege policy, the management pressure of the enterprise will drop considerably, this action can attract production enterprise to invest the United States further. The core of the policy that reduce tax of American government appeals to beg those who depend on the United States " again industrialized " , patio decks in singapore product line of United States of because

this plate company is OK active position or it is plank brand, can avoid American government to be in those who export business to go up to hit not only pressure, polyethylene wood plastic sheets for cars the industry of science and technology that still can develop with the United States is united in wedlock, product of high end of research and development, pass the good performance in North America market to feed back advantage of