<p>Dealers also said that the recent rise in antique flooring sales.<a href="http://wpcfloormanufacturer.com/solution/1036.html">plans for garden box from composite decking `</a> In addition to the popularity of the flooring market led to rising sales, the other reason lies in the role of online buy. The unique texture and processing technology of antique flooring, has been favored by the younger generation,how to finish a wood floor entry way and online shopping is precisely the consumption habits of this consumer groups. Therefore, the floor buy activities under the influence of antique flooring</p>
<p>(antique flooring manufacturers directory) sales are also rising.<a href='http://greencompositedecking.com/wpc-fence/1275.html'>12ft by 12 ft deck photos</a> At present, Guangdong Yuzhu international wood market white wax antique floor 910 × 125 × 18mm quoted at 230 yuan / m2.One after another out of the price war, the concept of floor war companies realized the urgent need for value-added products,american synthetic wood slats for benches product innovation, after all, desirable. August 11, the new Oasis floor for the development of its two new products to the </p>
<p>domestic flooring industry invited a dozen authoritative experts on the preparation of the patent for the framework of parquet and internal surface structure of parquet expert review.<a href="http://wpcfloormanufacturer.com/review/17339.html">wood plastic composite trellis</a> Li Zhixiong, general manager of Guangdong New Oasis Wood Co., Ltd., said: discount pontoon composite flooring"If the new product can be recognized by an expert and successfully applied for a patent, we will invest a lot of money into industrialized production of new products and </p>