businessman to purchase severely, plus get Indonesian pineapple case (value of Malaysia pineapple division has exceeded Indonesian pineapple standard, advantage of devoid composite fence panel driftwood market competition) hit continuously pressure, sentiment of lumber businessman discretion is strong, purchase new money apiration very low fan. Be in without new money additional below case, supply of goods of case of

pineapple of home market Malaysia is in second floor patio waterproof Embossing floor an emergency again and again, to the stock of case of pineapple of the Malaysia on the market is already at present basic by clear sky. After additionally the businessman states the Spring Festival passes, at the appointed time although purchase price is high look forward to, domestic businessman also must accept reality, composite building products systems just be in home of square

discuss with sb face to face of terminal sale price to be able to undertake be adjustmented adagio to the price only, let downstream market have an acceptance process. 84 lumber fence wood france Squares formed by crossed lines of pineapple of Guangdong market Malaysia is at present long 2, 6m, thick 10, 30cm, class A quotes 8500, 9500 yuan / stere. Respect of Burmese lumber market, the businessman expresses to show the