ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - After 27 hours of exhausting travel as he made his way from Italy to Denver, Matt Duchene was ready for only one thinghockey. Drew Stanton Jersey Soon after landing back in town, the Colorado Avalanche forward made his way to the rink.Expect anything different?Even in his jet-lagged condition, Duchene was on the ice with 16 of his buddies for an up-tempo scrimmage Tuesday. Most of the players were teammates for the Avalanche but Montreal goaltender Peter Budaj and Detroit defenceman Kyle Quincey were out there as well.Because to them, it didn't matter so much who was on the ice, but more that they were back on the ice. And very soon, they could be lacing Jermaine Gresham Jersey up their skates in games that count again.Not that Avs goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere ever thought anything different, despite the lockout dragging on for months before a tentative agreement was recently reached."All along, I figured it would be way too risky for the league to mi s a full season again," said Giguere, who made quite a few nifty saves Tuesday in front of a crowd that included just three fans. "So, I was optimistic in that sense. Now that it's over, we need to move forward and focus on the season coming up."Before the puck officially drops, though, there are details that need to be sorted John Brown Jersey out. The NHL and the players' a sociation are working on a memorandum of understanding, which could be completed soon, then voted on by owners and players. The league has circulated a memo to teams telling them to be ready to play by Jan. 19, the date the shortened season is expected to start.Even more, the league appears to be leaning toward a 48-game season, making every contest that much more important."Since it's such a short season, it's all about the start," Duchene said. " Troy Niklas Jersey Most seasons are a marathon, but this one is a sprint. You have to be ready for right out of gate."