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    Hey Everyone !

    My name is Melanie ! Better known here in Phuket as Mermaid Melanie ! I work as a Scuba Instructor and a Professional Mermaid Performer ! I compete in Freediving competitions and am a marine conservation advocate. This year I have entered into Miss Diving Specials as Mermaid Melanie and I am in 2nd place with only 4 full days left to vote ! I need over 600 votes to win this and I can't do it alone ! I believe being a mermaid show people a connection between the human world and our underwater world and this helps people to relate to the issues affecting our oceans ! Please help this little mermaid on connect and inspire people to protect our oceans and vote for Mermaid Melanie to win Miss Diving Specials 2015 ! Please share with your friends, family and co workers !
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