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Thread: Snorkeling in Dec in Key West/Dry Tortugas

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    Question Snorkeling in Dec in Key West/Dry Tortugas

    We are planning to spend the new year weekend holidays in Key west and are planning to do some snorkeling in Key West and Dry Tortugas, but have begun to read some disappointing reviews of water and wind conditions there. Some of the private sail boat charters strongly recommended against snorkeling in December since they expect rough/cold waters. I have been reading mixed reviews about water conditions in December. I'm wondering if there is a stronger than normal current in December versus another time of the year. I was also wondering if snorkelling is better in Key Largo compared to Key West? We are planning to stay in Key Largo. We were planning to take a private sail boat charter for snoekeling to get away from the crowds.

    I guess I am hoping for someone to say "snorkeling in West will be GREAT in December!" - but please be honest about any pros and cons you can think of.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I would go with the numbers! It is cold and windy that time of year, doesn't mean that a day or two here and there might not be great!
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