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Thread: Female SCUBA Instructor work multi-cultural diversified setting

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    Default Female SCUBA Instructor work multi-cultural diversified setting

    Female SCUBA instructor needed to teach children and adults in multi-cultural, multi-ethnocentric setting in children scuba camp where boys and girls are segregated. Work P/T at camp and at other multiple locations. Multi-ethnocentric sensitivity needed. This is a 2 plus month summer contractual work program which starts in June 5th and ends before August 31st. Experience not critical though pay will commensurate with experience- must be qualified but if not experienced- will assist you to develop instructor abilities. Diving at multiple locations including national park river ways; ocean dives, Lake George and 1000 Islands. You may do over 100 dives during program.
    Training site is located in Upstate NY State, USA. Payment will be in US Dollars. Lodging included. Note that you will be part of a large staff teaching kids to dive at multiple locations.
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