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Thread: inexpensive fin recommendations for public pool use?

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    Default inexpensive fin recommendations for public pool use?

    HI there,

    Wanting to start diving this year (certified in 2001 but have never used. "D-OH") and want to first get some exercise at the local gym/pool to better prepare for a SCUBA dive trip somewhere. Have limited range-of-motion in one shoulder so I was thinking to buy some inexpensive fins to swim some laps since I can't really use my arms very much. Thought this might be good way to build leg strength.

    Is this a good idea? Any thoughts on the less expensive fins like the TYR 'split fins' or US DIVER brands that is sold at Sports Authority (they are both $20-$35)?

    Is there any preferences for closed heel or open heel?

    I am just wanting something to get started on and to use for exercising as I don't need "high end" stuff at this point. Plus, all of the chlorine in the pool is probably not too good for equipment. Besides, I would rent equipment wherever I go diving at. Afterwards, if I become greatly enthused about the sport (which I am figuring will happen) I would then buy my own gear.

    Thanks for any advise or suggestions. It is greatly appreciated.


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    Your right about the chlorine in the pool! See if you can find some used gear? Or get the cheapest you can find, full foot would be better as no booties to worry about in the chlorine...... Split fins will give you LESS resistance and defeat the purpose your their for
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    Dive into aquatics at Vancouver's nine indoor and four outdoor pools during the summer. Get a full body workout swimming lanes or taking an aquafit class, relax after a busy day in the hot tub, steam room, or sauna and make a splash with family by taking advantage of facilities with beach-style entry, spray features, slides, lazy rivers, inflatables and convenient family change rooms..............

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    Diving with fins is a way for swimmers to improve kick strength, ankle flexibility, body position and go faster during a diving practice. Me and my wife also looking forward to get it. I read out interesting and informative ideas. This will be helpful for me. thanks everyone...

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