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Thread: New Moderator in the water!

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    Smile New Moderator in the water!

    Hi everyone, I have been a member for a long time, and have decided to step up and help make this board a great place to visit! So with that in mind I feel it is important for you all to know a little bit about me and my experience I was certified in January of 1973 at the end of the semester at Cal Poly Pomona by Otto F.W. Gasser! My first time on compressed air was in October of 1972 and I have been hooked since!

    I am closing in on 5000 dives in the next couple years and you can keep up with my Dive activities here and I also own a Board dedicated to SxS Offroad activities in the great outdoors! I love the Adventure Anyway I was quit the Hunter in my earlier years of diving and in the 1990's traded my spear gun for a Camera or two (Video as well) and in the late 1990's I started a production company to develop Adventure Videos for Resorts and divers. This lead me to shooting for the National Geographic Channel's Expeditions to the Edge and some other still work including a Magazine cover. In the early 2000's I invented the Reed's Rod Dive Tool (Muck stick, Tank Banger, Pointer, and Mono Pod) made in the USA of the finest material available!

    I have been to about 60% of the Dive Destinations in the Caribbean and am working on the South Pacific as well..... I have a big bucket list and hope enough time to fill it! I dive with a dive shop called Antony Wiley's SCUBA Locker and was with the Riverside County Sheriff's Dive Team for almost 7 years as a Public Safety Diver!

    As you can see I love the water and Diving! I received my WSI in 1971, American Red Cross Instructors Cert in 1974, American Heart association CPR cert, Oxygen administrator, Defibrillator cert, and just about everything you can think of for safety! All have come in handy and I would strongly recommend this training to anyone around water and diving! I am a Master Diver, Senior Advanced Diver, LA County, PADI, SDI, TDI, NAUI, NSS-CDD, IDENT, Full Cave certified Nitrox Diver. I am sure I have left some out, I guess I really need one of those "flip wallets" to keep track!

    I use ! a lot to express my passion for what I do, it keeps me young and interested, although it seems to make some uncomfortable? I like pushing the envelope and challenging common thought and methods

    So without going on and on about all I have done and hope to do I just wanted everyone to know I just don't talk the talk I walk the walk and have a lot of experience and knowledge in our "Sport" "Activity" or whatever you want to tag it with, I like Adventure, for me it usually is

    My friend and I Wiley do Boat salvage from time to time in the local lakes and I will post up some pictures of the "Recoveries" we do!

    Please feel free to ask any questions you might have, but the reason I am posing this is to help get this board to be a great source of information, and interaction for all SCUBA divers and water lovers! From the just interested to the seasoned pros we are a community that has the largest thing on earth in common the Oceans!

    Recently I have started a Non-profit 501(3)C Corporation called the Safe Mooring Foundation, Inc. to help prevent Coral Reef Damage around the world! I hope you'll look at it and consider supporting a great cause!

    My life is in the ocean and it should be respected as the greatest resource on earth and managed accordingly!
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    May all your dreams be wet ones! Visit us at
    Reed's Rod dive Tool Please help save the worlds Coral reefs!

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    I couldn't have written a better intro myself, thanks!
    SMN Publisher

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