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"Reef Sandals"?!
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Thread: "Reef Sandals"?!

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    Default "Reef Sandals"?!

    Ok, one of our new signups here posted a link in his or her signature line that caught my attention.

    Now we regularly get spammers signing up every day with convoluted English spamming their signature line with everything from handbags to erotic service providers in Canada, but this signature line link was sort of funny and sort of, well, on topic.
    In fact, I am still trying to figure it out, as there is no contact, no email, no means of ordering, but they do seem to be promoting a product line that is ocean oriented. Ultimately, I think they are promoting Converse tennis shoes if one navigates around their website, but still no means of ordering anything. Well, that is link ranking SEO for you.

    They even promote "Reef Thongs" for women. Are they made of similar materials to their below advertised "reef sandals"?

    Here's their link:


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    That's just so wrong... :-)

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