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Thread: Dog Takes Bite Out of Shark in YouTube Hit

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    Default Dog Takes Bite Out of Shark in YouTube Hit

    Two dogs, countless sharks, and one priceless bite.

    A dog bites shark YouTube video is making its rounds on the Internet. In the video, an Australian man films two dogs paddling their way through bright blue waters surrounded by shadowy figures.

    As the Australian says, "you got two dogs swimming with the sharks, apparently they do it all the time."

    The video brings out your worst fears - am I about to watch the next bloody video to debut on Discovery Shark Week?

    Luckily, no. These dogs are equipped with their own set of teeth and go on the offensive for good measure, of course.

    "He's giving him a bite! The dog is biting the shark," the cameraman screams.

    "The dog is under the water with the shark, what the hell!? That is unbelievable. I've seen it all now. I just got that on film. Can you believe that?"

    Some on the web are taking offense to letting man's best friends even enter the water in the first place. The dogs don't appear to be the camera man's own pets, but that hasn't put a stop to some outraged YouTube commentators.

    "Try that to a great white poochy," said TEHTYMEKITTEH1.

    Others didn't find it so funny.

    "What a pathetic act of cruelty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you need help seriously you so you can get a few hits on you tube .................its a shame you couldnt put yourself in the position of the dogs," said evilsouls13.
    "And God created great sea-animals, and every living soul that creeps with which the waters swarmed after their kind..." (MKJV) Gen 1:21

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    I remember how this video became a rage on Facebook.

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