July 14th, 2011

The Transportation Security Theater folks are up to their shenannigans again.

First they decided they were going to sexually attack passengers and do some child molestation under the guise of "protecting you". The sex assaults, child molestation etc. were going to be marketed as "enhanced" pat downs "for your safety", and if you refused to be attacked, then they would take kiddie porn photos of your kids and you, then store and transmit them for their own sexual gratification.

The justification claims for public consumption were going to be because of the underwear bomber, even though the TSA has admitted their sex assault tactics would probably not have not stopped the underwear bomber, buy why let reality and facts get in the way when you can sexually assault passengers including kids the TSA always says.

The TSA even admits that Al Qaeda is exploring way to surgically implant explosives in terrorists to get onto planes and theyt already know Al Qaeda has successfully used body cavity bombs. This is marketing code for: "get ready for nude body cavity checks!"

Keep in mind, the TSA has testi-lied in a lawsuit against them that they think they have the power and authority to nude strip search all passengers regardless of age.

So a courageous passenger in Phoenix decided to give them a taste of their own medicine by giving a TSA goon an enhance pat down of the TSA employees mammaries.

Phoenix police claim a woman passenger "grabbed the left breast" of a TSA employee Thursday at an airport TSA assault-point and it appears they want to charge her with the crime of making passengers safer via "enhanced pat downs", which when a passenger does it, it is a felony but when a TSA employee does it, it is "for your safety". After all, TSA employees have been guilty of numerous crimes, so you can never be too safe as a rogue TSA employee can always bring a bomb in under their clothes and detonate it in a TSA sex attack checkpoint line.