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Thread: Give Sharks A Break - London Aquarium

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    Default Give Sharks A Break - London Aquarium

    The Save Our Seas Foundation and the Marine Conservation Society have teamed up for European Shark Week 09 to present a unique installment of the Cool Seas Roadshow entitled “Give Sharks A Break.” The event runs over 2 days at the Sea Life London Aquarium from Wednesday 14 October to Thursday 15 October. School groups and adults can discover a bit more about these fantastic creatures, and about the threats they face from overfishing and other human impacts on their marine environment. You’ll even have the chance to meet a baby Basking Shark or gaze at the unbelievable Scalloped Hammerhead!

    Since September 2006, the Roadshow has been touring primary/junior schools throughout the UK. Presenter Andy Starbuck thrills pupils and teachers alike when he introduces his life-size, inflatable whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles, seals and porpoises. Through a series of activities with volunteers from the audience, Andy explains the threats our marine wildlife face and how we can all act to protect these amazing creatures.

    If you can’t make any of the European Shark Week events you can still be involved by signing the online petition and by sending an ecard to others to let them know about the week. Also for those who like drawing and colouring there’s a great competition happening. For more info and other events happening around Europe see the website:

    For more info:

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    THANKS! It is great to see shark awareness becoming more important to the mainstream population.

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    Yes, thanks for all your work.
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