I have sold my Dolphin and have found some accessories that were still in storage. Listed below are what I currently have, the website has pics of everything but the backplate.


I have also listed what TecMe has them priced at, for comparison (if known). Make a reasonable offer and we will probably have a deal. This is the chance to get some spares for your Dolphin, at a fair price (not yet a FIRE SALE!) Stuff will be off to Ebay, after Father's Day - THANKS for looking:

ITEM Quantity Condition TECME OXYCHEQ
Breathing Bags 2 NEW $456.21 330EU
Orifices, 32% 2 NEW $117.23 85EU
Dosage Unit 1 NEW $331.87 240EU
Oxycheq Hose Protectors 2 NEW $30 USD
Regulator + Hoses 1 USED $532.07 385EU for a NEW one
Drager Spare Parts Kit 1 NEW ???
Scrubber tool 1 NEW $27.65
SSl Backplate-Custom 1 USED ???