Have just opened in one of the best location in the world for freediving:
DAHAB, Egypt. Run by: Patrick Bouillon and Akim Ladhari
AIDA Freedive Instructor & Judge
Courses descriptions:
AIDA * 1 day course 75 euros (from 2 person 60 euros)
On AIDA * is an introduction to the freediving world, you will learn the very basics skills. What is freediving, what kind of equipment is needed? You will understand more what's happening in your body during the apnea. AIDA * is recommended for who has no previous diving experience.
AIDA ** 2 days course 180 euros (from 2 person 160 euros)
The AIDA ** is a good starting point for who had previous diving background or who feel at ease in the water. You will learn some relaxing technique, physiology, theory, safety and practicing skills in open water, apply to different freediving disciplines. After this course you will have all the keys to freedive on safe way.
AIDA *** 3 days course 250 euros (from 2 person 230 euros)
The AIDA *** is for a student want learn more on” how to go deep”. You will see which physical aspects allow or limit our diving performance. You will be encouraged to take more responsibility and increase your awareness of yourself and your dive buddy. You will learn how to train effectively and learn advanced drills and equalization techniques.
AIDA **** 4 days course 300 euros (from 2 person 250 euros)*
In addition to complementing and further enhancing the skills already learned at this level, is recommended for those who wish to become active participants in organizing or leading diving events and becoming instructors. Besides learning the most advanced techniques and theory, you will learn how to plan and execute training sessions, coach and support others and how to act responsibly as a freediver. You will learn about fitness training for freediving and nutrition, as well very advanced equalization technique. After completing the course, you may act as assistant to an AIDA instructor.
*to be a AIDA **** FREEDIVER you need to have a rescue certification from any association.
AIDA Competition Freediver 80 euros
AIDA Competition Freediver is a course for anyone who plans to do an AIDA Competition for the first time and want to know more about how it works. You will go through all the competition rules and procedures in the classroom before to experience them in open water and in the pool. So you really get a feeling for how it will be on the day D!!!

AIDA Safety Freediver 80 euros
AIDA safety Freediver is for anyone want to learn more about the different techniques or want to participate in competition as a safety freediver. You will experiment the different scenario possible in open water and in the pool. After this course you will have the confidence to respond correctly to any emergency situation.
Emergengy Fist Responder 90 euros
Emergency First Responder is for anyone want to learn more about the different techniques of rescue in real life (car accident, drowning, heart attack etc...). You will experiment the differents scenarios possible. After this course you will have the confidence to respond correctly to any emergency situation
personnal coaching day price on request
A nice opportunity to train in freediving, with experienced instructor in any discipline, depth is more than 90 meters from the shore..." BLUE HOLE" is realy a amazing place to train...
languages :French & English

CONTACT: Patrick Bouillon or Akim Ladhari
Egyptian phone:
Patrick + 20 185 185 629
Akim + 20 160 333 961