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Thread: Silicone She-P!!!!!!!

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    You just want me to push the site prep on this thread, not the she-p. Sorry boys, you'll have to convince your women all by yourself that shaving is a good idea

    idivechick is quite right, shaving and waxing 'down there' has been around LONG before the she-p. Questions about shaving et all are quite welcome, just be forewarned that boys love to 'watch'.

    FWIW, boys, shaving helps your predicament as well (with wideband Rochesters adhesives and such) as does tape (a nice waterproof tape such as is available on the she-p north america site). Tape helps with the 'blow off' problem as apparently the... uh... variations in size issue loosens areas of the glue.

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    OK, but aren't you trying to sell this thing in THIS thread?

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    not just ladies in the tech diving world, but ladies who teach as well, or don't like getting out of drysuit on 2 dive days, are stuck on an all day dive day on a 14' inflatable boat, have a looong walk to the dive site and don't want to drop your drawers on the side of the beach/trail, drag your cuffs and arms of our drysuit undies on the floor of the port-a-potty. etc...

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    It is a unique product that helps many technical diver women. The fact that some fellow diver girls are making it is all the better, so all posts about it are welcome.

    As to site prep, I know the subject is titillating, and we hope this thread doesn't turn away from the She-P, but the reality is most women who have a clue are already smooth so the device will stick to the skin with adhesive, and lately more and more guys are going with the nice clean look too.

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    You know I am just busting your chops a bit. I know it is a necessary product for a lot of divers, and seems better than the alternatives.

    You just don't have to wonder why I have a big smile on my face around the female divers in dry suits....just thinking......

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    Many thanks to all the support at DEMA!

    From Dive Xtras for letting me set up my display in the corner of the booth to all of YOU who stopped by to visit and get a she-p glued to your arm

    Just for fun, a few groups dedicated to YOU!

    Divine Secrets of the She-P Sisterhood!!

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    If anyone purchased a she-p from myself or heleen before we were shipping them with instructions, please PM me and I'd be happy to either mail you a set or email it as a PDF.

    Also for those who would like them (you'll have to PM me with your address) being that in a few weeks all she-p kits will be shipping with plastic dust covers that plug the QD whilst not hooked up, I'd be happy to throw a set (of the orange plastic ones - or whatever color they end up being) in the mail for you (yes, complementary as thanks for your belief in our product early in the game) if you are not already using the adhesive remover, I'll throw a sample pad or two in as well

    We will have some nice machined o-ring sealing plugs that click into the socket available for purchase soon as well.

    Extra 'sets' of the non-sealing dust covers will also be purchasable on the site.

    I'm trying out some alternative adhesives currently, but so far none of the latex based work very well and tend to be a bit stingy. In my research I've been informed that a silicone device will not adhere well with a latex based adhesive, but of course I just had to find out for myself

    I think the latex adhesives will stick for a dive if you are in a pinch, but likely not so well for a long day of diving.

    The next up on the docket are urobond and an adhesive from Salts (in the UK) both latex free. The Hollister spray is fantastic, but there have been concerns with regards to traveling, so I'm trying to find a good non-aerosol adhesive as back up or alternative.

    If you find yourself in a pinch, EE and Zero Gravity both have she-p's and supplies in stock. Also, if you are somewhere (on this side of the atlantic that is, email Heleen if you are in Europe) and need something please don't hesitate to email or IM me and will do my best to ship out emergency supplies post haste or do my best to put you in touch with someone who has them locally

    Happy Diving!!!


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