I have my much loved Classic Inspiration Rebreather with Hammerhead electronics for sale, check out the list below and see what a bargain you are getting!!

Classic Inpsiration, Large lungs and harness, which is totally adjustable.

Hammerhead electronics, with Trimix software and 10 mix deco computer, heads up display on unit with mouth buzzer.

Original AP valves head only used a few times before upgrade to Hammerhead.

Vtech bail off valve, great bit of kit German made what can I say!

Original AP Valves transport box.

AP tools for the unit.

Two 3 Ltr cylinders in test (New 2007).

22Kg wing.

AP ADV valve and flow stop.

Extra Dil and O2 intakes.

DT box, so you can dive the unit with bigger cylinders.

The unit also comes with many spares ready for you to go diving and keep diving, I will also throw in a tub of lime.

If you are interested in the unit but do not have a ticket for them I will give you a course as well.
The total price for the unit and spares plus course $8200

If you have a ticket then the unit plus spares, $7000

Contact Nick, 0411 369 280

The unit is based in Adelaide South Australia.