I subscribe to "Undercurrent" (www.undercurrent.org) as I'm sure a lot of you do. Saw this in the latest issue and just thought I'd throw it out there.

Old Broads’ Dive Club : For female divers, subscriber Mae Lon Ding (Anaheim, CA) wrote in to tell us about the "Old Broads Dive Club,” a dive club for women that plans trips worldwide year round (gentleman guests are allowed). “The trips are well-priced and it’s a great way to meet other women divers,” says Ding. “I have been on several trips and they have all been well-planned, lots of fun, and a good value.” Membership fees are $10. Upcoming trips are scheduled for La Paz, Baja California in October and Cozumel in February. Details are on the Old Broads’ Web site: www.obdc.org