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Thread: What do you bring on a dive trip to make diving more comfortable?

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    I know, I know....LOL

    I did find some great wreck diving in Florida.

    Now even though I don't like "artificial" wrecks as much as natural ones, they are still a blast to dive on and MUCH MUCH better than a reef dive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Publisher View Post
    LittleLemur, that reminds me, I get these annoying wear marks on my toes from the lousy tropical wetsuit boots I have.

    I need to try something like the Pinnacle merino wool lined dive boots which ought to be softer inside.

    I know somewhere I've heard of black nylon thin dive socks to go inside the booties.
    Here's a link to a great company. They make the socks you are talking about. I don't know if you would want to wear them in the tropics but in cold water they help.

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