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Thread: Slowness of pages loading

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    Unhappy Slowness of pages loading

    I remember Ace mentioned about something akin to this a while ago, but it's been happening to me over the past few days and it's starting to get a tad bit annoying.

    Before you say anything it's nothing to do with my ISP as I have gone onto various websites and not had any problems loading pages etc.

    For some reason, it's only going slow on here. Once i'm on the homepage and select "Today's Posts" from the quick links, the todays posts page shows. Then when I click on a post that i'm interested in reading, it takes ages (one time earlier today, I clicked the link, walked the dog, came back and it was still far from loaded!!) to show and I keep cancelling it, closing down IE and doing something different.

    Knowing my luck now, once i've posted this, i'll have problems trying to read any replies LOLOLOL

    Thanks for reading my short rant

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    Your luck just got worse, as I did exactly the same thing you did for this post and it took about .5 seconds to download.

    I do know that there are times when a page takes forever to load, but it is ANY page on any site. In my personal experience, it is an ISP bottleneck.

    When it gets backed up, switching to a different browser accomplishes nothing, and my e-mail download will also move like cold molasses.

    But I promise I won't say it's your ISP!

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