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Bubble Maker
08-01-2007, 03:55 PM
What Its like To Dive The Flower Gardens and Oil Rigs.

A Great SD Group Trip !
First about the diving conditions. Anywhere in the world where you are 100 miles offshore you are going to be faced with ever changing currents and weather conditions and the Flower Gardens is no exception. A typical dive on this trip to 87ft consist of a giant stride entry with about a 6 foot drop then a 15 to 20 ft surface swim horizontal through the current until you reach the down line, then you pull yourself down the line until you reach the bottom. The bottom current on this trip was very slow to medium in strength but can change directions at a drop of the hat so you just cant go diving into the current and plan on drifting back. rather keeping a visual on where you are would work best. even the most seasoned divers can become humbled here. (insert beautiful coral and awesome creatures and fish here) Exiting is pretty much the same but in reverse except for the latter line and latter. When you release from the down line you will have to dash quickly over to latter line and remove your fins and pull yourself up to the base of the latter then while holding onto the latter with both hands then plant your feet at the bottom of the latter then exit. You will be asked for your name, bottom depth and time. diving on the Oil Rigs is alot easier tho :rolleyes:

Dos Boat

MV Spree is a well thought out diving boat with state of the art safety features and equipment. Its owned and operated by the Captain Frank and Melanie his wife. Both of them work together to make the flower gardens diving a safe and memorable time for everyone. The Spree is a Nitrox only boat for an extra measure of safety.
It has bunk style sleeping with plenty of room to find a spot for some quite time if necessary . the food is plentiful and good. The Crew on this trip where beyond professional in service and overall caring. After leaving the dock a briefing is given by the captain and crew to educate you about the boats features and the most successful way to enter and exit the water along with info on the wonderful things you are on your way to see with plenty of room during the briefing to ask questions etc….. in a nutshell…

Dive… Eat… Sleep….Repeat

The Flower Gardens can be enjoyed by all levels of divers..No Prob.. But sometimes it can be quit a work-out getting to the bottom....but well worth the effort :cool:

Congrats to the new to SD members some where even new to Diving ...you made it look easy :p

Here are some pic's