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Richard Taylor
01-08-2007, 07:05 AM
Starting to read like the ‘Who’s Who’ of modern day diving exploration and adventure, the speakers and presenters at OZTeK’07 - The Australasian Diving Technologies Conference, (to be held at Australian Technology Park, Sydney on the 17th and 18th March 2007) spearhead an action-packed two-day event like no other; one that promises to be as entertaining and visually stimulating as it is informative.

With non-stop theatre presentations, workshops and seminar sessions over both the Saturday, early Saturday evening and Sunday, the comprehensive speaker programme will have something of interest to everyone who dives and be complemented by a full-scale diving exhibition showcasing the very best that diving has to offer, from state-of-the-art equipment through to exotic diving destinations.

With several more speakers still to be announced, those already confirmed to attend include:

Samir Alhafith, (Aus) Founder and team leader of The Sydney Project;
Leigh Bishop, (UK) Internationally acclaimed deep wreck explorer and photographer;
Peter Buzzacott, (Aus) Maritime archaeologist and explorer;
John Chatterton, (USA) Deep wreck explorer and co-host of the successful television series, ‘The Shipwreck Detectives’;
Kevin Deacon, (Aus) Internationally acclaimed underwater photographer and videographer;
Richard Evans, (Aus) diving Risk Management authority;
Dr Andrew Fock, (Aus) Hyperbaric physician and CCR deep wreck explorer;
Kevin Gurr, (UK) Technical diving pioneer, deep wreck and cave explorer and designer of Ouroboros mixed gas rebreather;
Lamar Hires, (USA) Cave diving explorer and Training Coordinator for the International Underwater Cave Rescue & Recovery organization;
Jarrod Jablonski, (USA) Founder and President of Global Underwater Explorers and widely regarded as one of the world’s most talented and capable wreck and underwater cave explorers;
Simon Liddiard, (Indonesia) Founder of Blue Marlin Dive Centre, Lombok, and one of the Asia Pacific’s most qualified and experienced technical diving explorers;
John Lippmann, (Aus) Author, diving safety consultant and Executive Director and Director of Training of the Divers Alert Network Asia Pacific ;
Richard Lundgren, (Sweden) Training Director of Global Underwater Explorers and one of Europe’s most experienced wreck and cave diving explorers;
Paul Raymaekers (Belgium) designer of the new rEvo rebreather;
Dr Simon Mitchell, (NZ) Hyperbaric physician currently researching pathophysiology and treatment of decompression illness, he is an accomplished CCR deep wreck exploration diver, Vice-President of the USA-based Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society and currently Chairman of the Society's Diving Committee;
Geoff Paynter (Aus) Professional underwater photographer, cave diver, rebreather enthusiast and coordinator for the scuttling of Australia’s first purpose sunk warship, HMAS SWAN;
Tim Smith (Aus) The NSW State Maritime Archaeologist, based at the NSW Heritage Office, Sydney, he is closely involved in the identification, mapping, assessment and management of historic shipwreck sites in NSW;
Carl Spencer (UK) Embracing high technology – from Closed Circuit mixed gas rebreathers through to submersibles - to achieve specific mission objectives, his latest projects include the search for the WWII midget submarine, X-5, commanded by Australian Lt Henty-Creer, that disappeared during the attack on the Tirpitz;
Dr Mark Spencer, (Aus) Noted Underwater Photographer, member of the Sydney Project and deep trimix diver, Mark is also leader of the expeditions to discover, survey and record details of the Australian submarine, AE2, sunk off Gallipoli during WWI;
Rick Stanton, (UK) Cave diving explorer and, in 2004, one of two divers flown to Mexico to effect the rescue of six British soldiers trapped in a cave by rising flood waters;
Alan Studley (Canada) Underwater photographer, videographer and accomplished rebreather diver;
Cedric Verdier, (France/Thailand), Founder of the TRIADE project that discovered and explored more than 20 wrecks lying between 70 and 130-metres in the south of France, he was the first diver to identify and dive the British cruiser, HMS MANCHESTER off the coast of Tunisia. In 2006 – using a closed circuit rebreather - he established an Asian Pacific cave diving depth of 201 metres while exploring the Sra Keow cave system in Thailand;
Tania Yarra, (Aus) a member of the Australian Exploration Group (AEG) and holder of the Australian record for the longest cave dive by a female in Australia when she took part in the 2006 exploration of the LUVLUVLUVLUVlebiddy Cave system.

Now on sale through select dive stores - or on-line through the official website at: www.diveoztek.com.au - there’s no better way to enjoy the full OZTeK’07 experience than with the purchase of a two-day Gold Pass ($220 inc. GST) or single-day Silver Pass ($120 inc. GST).

Culminating in the Gala Awards Dinner, to be held at Dockside, Darling Harbour on the Sunday evening, OZTeK’07 is so much more than just another Dive Show; it’s an event that paves the way future enjoyable diving experiences.

For further information on OZTeK’07 - The Diving Technologies Conference & Exhibition, check out the website at: www.diveoztek.com.au or contact the organisers at: admin@diveoztek.com.au

01-14-2007, 06:01 AM
If the last few shows are a hint this one should be great. Great work and well worth the money. Excellent venue too.


01-24-2007, 11:30 AM
Richard, when will the speaker program be available to see whos on when?


Richard Taylor
01-25-2007, 02:02 AM
The Speaker Schedule will not be done til mid Feb. We are still compiling abstracts and have a few speakers left to confirm.

01-29-2007, 09:55 AM
Since theres a few Aussies on here now the question has to be asked. Whos going? Ill be there for sure both days all day and might even go to the Gala Dinner afterwards on the sunday. Anyone interstate wondering if its worth it? YES. The speakers are always great and happy to answer questions in their talks and most are wondering around the show and free to talk to as well. Usually some great prizes on offer in the photo comp and lucky door prizes.
International visitors its worth the trip too.