View Full Version : New 232 Bar DOT cylinders from SDS

01-08-2007, 04:12 AM
Silent Diving Systems, the North american distributor for AP rebreathers now has in stock DOT approved cylinders that can be filled to the original 232 bar.

If you recall, the original cylinders which I believe are Faber's that came from AP were not DOT approved, but were 232 Bar and had no burst disc.

When SDS took over North American distribution, the US cylinders had to the the DOT approved ones which were only good to 2400 psi.

SDS now has the new cylinders and they are the same prices as the the 2400 psi versions.

What is interesting is someone spent a huge amount of $ just so they could stamp the letters DOT on them even though they are the same cylinders.

Aren't you glad you have the government to protect you?!