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01-04-2007, 02:01 AM
Mk 6 Design Contract Signed-

Stone Aerospace, in collaboration with DP Scandinavia, is developing the next-generation of recreational and sport diving systems. The fully closed-cycle MK6 rebreather is poised to revolutionize the diving world.

Cis-Lunar is teaming up with a Swedish industrial group, DP Scandinavia, to develop the long-awaited successor to the MK5 the recreational MK6 in additional to other new technologies for the next generation of diving equipment. The joint venture will focus on innovative and high quality diving products, and the commercialization of underwater technology developed by Dr. Stone and his crew of talented engineers. DP Scandinavia, based in Marstrand on the west coast of Sweden, has recruited a seasoned team of manufacturing engineers to develop the methods for mass production of the MK6. In parallel a team of well known and experienced rebreather divers, including Paul Heinerth and Richard Pyle from the USA, Barry Coleman from South Africa, and Hempa Henriksson from the Arctic part of northern Sweden have been brought onboard to support business development, product testing and evaluation.

01-04-2007, 11:35 PM
It sounds a whole lot nicer than my old DESCO "B" Lung! :D

04-15-2007, 11:58 PM
The new Cis-Lunar Mk6 (the word means the space in between the Earth and the Moon) recreational rebreather will be designed so that those new to diving will be able to first learn to dive using this rebreather rather than learning alleged bad habits that don't cross over well to closed circuit well.

The unit will be designed to be fully automatic and extremely easy to use. It's designer, Bill Stone has stated; "And all those tech divers that are out there now... they are going to look down on it and call it a toy. But it will not be a toy. It will be the beginning of the revolution. Eventually, they will start tinkering with it too, because it can fit in your suit case."

The Mark6 is designed for mass production.

04-18-2007, 09:54 AM
Should be one to watch. Some of the things Bill Stone has designed are beyond this world. Just look at the Mk1, Mapper and Depth X projects.


Scott K
04-22-2007, 01:04 AM
I had the great fortune of working with Bill on the design and prototype end of a project to make some LED headlamps for an expedition they did to a cave in Africa.

Bill is a brilliant man, has been a leader in the SCUBA biz without peer, and the MK6 could very well be the bomb.

04-26-2007, 07:04 PM
Some more information is trickling in, the Cis-Lunar Mk6 will have a rear mounted counterlungs and the computer/controller will be pendant mounted, and it does have the combined DSV/BOV.

The units will require instruction of about 10-12 hours formal training by Cis-certified instructors.

The units are ready to be introduced once the training infrastructure is completed.

The Publisher
09-27-2007, 12:13 AM
Cis-Lunar has officially announced they will introduce the Mark VI at DEMA Orlando, and we'll be there to cover it so expect a report and full photos.

The Publisher
11-01-2007, 10:35 PM
We have now seen the new Cis-Lunar Mk 6 rebreather and we have to say, we think their system will revolutionize the CCR industry.

And best of all, tech divers, fear not, as although the current rig is designed for the recreational market, Bill Stone and Richard Pyle have personally told us that they would not have gotten involved in the project had there not been a plan for a tech version.

We've all been brought up on 3 cells and voting logic, and the initial presumption is that a 2 cell CCR is useless, but shortly we're going to explain the dynamics behind the revolutionary manner of how the Mk 6 validates a cell that will completely change our thinking, and will render all current cell validation as being outright prehistoric.

There WILL be a tech version using the Mk 5 size/style scrubber, but until we have a chance to sit down and more thoroughly explain how their 4 micro solenoid, constant cell validation technology works, get prepared for some new thinking.

Their ultralight/compact combination DSV/BOV with built in HUD is an engineering marvel. Even their flat panel LCD dual controller/deco computers are a masterpiece in execution.

Sunday right here you will see actual photos of the unit.

The Publisher
11-05-2007, 05:19 PM
There seems to be a lot of misconceptions floating around about the new Cis-Lunar Mark 6, and I wanted to address those as told to us by Dr. Stone and Richard Pyle.

Here is a list of some of the "issues" raised by my fellow CCR colleagues.:

"The Cis uses only proprietary scrubber cartridges"

Answer: The Cis WILL have open cannisters that allow loose lime to be packed, and we have the photos and cad-cam images.

"The Cis-Lunar Mark 6 only uses 2 oxygen cells"

Answer: The cell validation protocols is going to throw 3 cell voting logic out the window as outdated & unnecessary. The Cis uses a revolutionary, patented CONSTANT cell validation process, that amongst other things, checks for cell output linearity and constantly validates it against known parameters. And we've had the "white paper" since last week, a dissertation on the revolutionary 2 cell calibration/validation process.

"The plastic looks fragile":

Answer: The unit displayed used pre-production plastic for the injection molds.

"It is not for us tech divers".

Wait till you see what Dr. Stone and Richard Pyle told us exclusively on an HD videotaped exclusive interview. Us tech divers are not going to be disappointed.

11-05-2007, 07:04 PM
"It is not for us tech divers".

I seriously doubt if more than 5% of the internet bozo's (DIR Nazis and other assorted loosers looking for instant fame) who call themselves tech divers today (join an internet forum dedicated to so-called technical diving and be instantly transformed into a tru tech diver provided you agree 100% with what is being said), even come close to having the true tech credentials possessed by either of these two men. Bill Stone was pushing the limits back when most of today's so called tech community were still crying about the state of their diapers. I am definitely looking forward to seeing this new product. Do you have a link to the white paper mentioned?

11-06-2007, 12:08 AM
Although I'm a freediver, I went to the bbooth and have to say, if I had to dive any Rebreather, this would be the one I would want. It looks straight forward and the size was smaller than I expected.

I own Poseidon Regs and if this unit is in any way designed like my regs, this will be the shiznit for rec tech diving - at a price that is less than many CCR's on the market.

11-06-2007, 02:33 PM
Price? What price did you hear, because I have heard it was going to be close to $15,000 / unit.

Hopefully that is a false rumor, because I would love to get my hands on a few rebreathers eventually. Maybe I will have to take out a 2nd mortgage.

The Publisher
11-06-2007, 04:11 PM
The Cis-Lunar Mark 6 Discovery CCR will be about $5800. The old Cis-Lunar Mk 5P was about $15K 15 or so years ago.

I am going to get one for dive travel.

11-06-2007, 08:07 PM

$5800 is still a lot of money by most of our standards ( I think at least) and whatever I buy, I have to buy two of as my wife is my dive buddy. Unfortunately it is going to be some time before I am able to come up with about $12,000 to invest in dive gear, plus the costs of certifications needed and supplies.

It would be a great thing to have, that's for sure.

Humm....buy a dive boat or 2 rebreathers? <----That's me thinking!

11-07-2007, 04:31 PM

$5800 is still a lot of money by most of our standards ( I think at least) and whatever I buy, I have to buy two of as my wife is my dive buddy. Unfortunately it is going to be some time before I am able to come up with about $12,000 to invest in dive gear, plus the costs of certifications needed and supplies.

It would be a great thing to have, that's for sure.

Humm....buy a dive boat or 2 rebreathers? <----That's me thinking!

$5800 is actually a great price for a quality RB, you won't find anything comparable to it for under $7000 right now. When you start saving Ace, don't forget about your instruction, consumables, and spares; that will push the total costs up significantly, at least doubling your investment.

11-07-2007, 07:11 PM
Well back to reality for me. Guess I will be using scuba cylinders for a while longer. I really would LOVE to have or even try out a rebreather, but I just can't afford that kind of money right now. I just got married and bought a house, so unfortunately rebreathers are not at the top of the list of things I need to spend money on.

The Publisher
11-08-2007, 12:21 AM
A spare set of 2 sensors should set you back $200-$250, and sofnolime is about $150 for 44 lbs, which will last about 40 hours of diving.

My Inspiration with Vision electronics is about $10,000, so $5800 for a fully closed circuit is a real bargain.

Keep in mind you can still dive recreational profiles with any CCR, but only the more compact ones like the Mark 6 make it feasible, so that means you do not have to wait to buy her one, lol.

I am contemplating taking an instructor course so as to be able to train new divers on the Mark 6 for the shear fun of it.

11-08-2007, 05:29 AM
Of course the more instructors that are out there and the more new rebreathers made mean more divers having access to use this stuff. It is a great thing for diving, as it will only drive the prices for the gear down. Eventually rebreathers will be right in line with dry suits; expensive but something your average diver could afford if they really wanted it.

When I started diving, I never saw a diver with a rebreather. Now I see at least one of them on most of the boat dives I do. We even see them pop up at the quarries from time to time.

P.S. Now that your Inspiration is going to be replaced with a newer, better and less expensive unit what happens to the value of your Inspiration? Maybe I should start thinking about a used Inspiration?

The Publisher
12-08-2007, 06:22 AM
Ok, here are the photos I took of the new Cis-Lunar Mk VI Discovery rebreather designed for new divers to start straight into rebreathers and skip open circuit altogether.


Their below dive surface valve/ bailout valve (DSV/BOB) is the lightest and smallest DSV/BOV I've seen and handled. The 2nd photo is where the Juergensen Marine vibrating/LED Heads Up Display DIVA is.


Their below po2 controller and integrated dive computer is a masterpeice of engineering. I really liked the flexible, small gauge wire going to it, as well as how thin and light it was. There are two of these on the Mk VI.


There will be a technical version for us techies.

The Publisher
01-03-2008, 01:14 AM
We've interviewed both Dr. Bill Stone and Dr. Richard Pyle about the Mk VI and future plans. We shot the interview in HDV. The HDV video is in post right now.

We have video footage of the cad-cam 3D animation drawings of the hydrophobic membrane scrubber as well as Dr. Stone, in no uncertain terms, said it was a hydrophobic scrubber suitable for lithium hydroxide and such will be an option.

Some other interesting things in the video were they took the concept of the Mk VP's manual diluent puffer across the cell faces and incorporated that concept into the Mk VI, but it is done automatically by micro-solenoids that present the gas to the cell face in the form of a vortex. They said ongoing cell validation consumes just a few CC's of gas each time so it is insignificant from a gas use standpoint.

I was assured repeatedly on camera by both Stone and Pyle that neither would have gotten involved had there not been a master plan for a subsequent tech version. Stone said this will most likely have two heads for redundancy.

From a marketing concept, what they have done is spot on with an entry level version to develop a market base and generate sufficient numbers.

Their compact DSV/BOV is an engineering masterpiece, using Juergensens DIVA HUD mounted horizontally at the top of the unit.

The unit shown at DEMA was a working prototype, the injection mold resins will be different, the hoses and ends will be different, etc.

Getting Dr. Stone and Dr. Pyle involved on the project was quite the coup on the part of DP Scandinavia, and DP has the significant capital for continued development.

Those naysayers on the MkVI really need to watch the video when it is ready.