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05-07-2013, 09:25 AM
CCIE is called the PHD in networking. The CCIE holders are certified in one or more aspects of networking services. The grades in this certification include routing and switching, network security, VOIP etc. The CCIE certification includes gruel some training session and a written examination. But the hardest part of the whole procedure is the CCIE Labs (http://traiing.ech.ae/ccie-lab/). It is an eight hour long onsite test that determines your network efficiency. Only by passing this test the CCIE certification can be achieved. This makes the CISCO certification exam the most widely accepted certification worldwide.

In order to make success in the CCIE labs you will have no shortcut methods. You will not be able to use any cheats or online help. The only help you will receive is the CISCO documentation CD which will have some of the network configurations of the site. Each exam will be different form one another as the test is conducted onsite. CISCO considers the CCIE certification as one of its best services to the world. The CCIE networking experts can easily handle most of the issues inside the home network. In addition to this they have easy access to the support teams within CISCO. This makes them highly reliable.

Most of the questions in the CCIE labs belong to advanced level as these are an expert level examination. Be prepared to take at least 6 months of hard work. This includes reading as well as practice sessions. You will also need to gather knowledge from CISCO websites and CISCO press.

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