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01-21-2013, 03:35 AM
I really want to go to a tropical SCUBA location in near future (lifelong dream :)) and have a few questions. Probably figure it best to go diving in somewhat shallow depths at this stage.

First, a little background.................

I had both my hips completely replaced in late 2011 and now have a 'pretty good' range of motion and strength again. However, one problem is that I have limited range-of-motion in my dominant shoulder (it also needs replaced but won't do this surgery until late this year or next year) and it is also much weaker than normal at this time.

I know how to swim but cannot use my dominant arm very much due to this limited range-of-motion and pain.

I received my open water SCUBA certification in 2001 at a fresh water lake (Lake Tahoe) but have never went diving since then.

There is a local gym nearby that has a decent 25 meter pool and I have used this pool many times before for lap swimming and to rehab my hip replacement surgeries.

I was thinking of buying some swim fins to at least continue with exercising (about 30-40 lbs overweight). I figured I could keep my arms at my sides and swim underwater with the fins and swim goggles (scuba mask?) and just pop my head up for air when needed or, use a snorkel. I still have my scuba mask, snorkel and booties from the SCUBA training class.


1) Can I get by with buying some lower end swim fins like TYR 'split fins', etc for just recreational pool use? I see these advertised for $20-30. Also, Sports Authority has US Divers brand for approximately $25.

Do I want the enclosed heel or open heel (adj. strap) style?

Would using fins in a pool be good exercise to prepare for going open water diving?

2) Will I be able to go SCUBA diving if I have limited use of my dominant arm? I can move this arm somewhat but it hurts quite a lot if I lift it over my head or try to lift anything very heavy. My other arm is normal and I'm able to use freely.

3) If any of you DO think I can dive with these conditions........ is there anywhere you recommend that would have a nice display of corals, colors, fish, clarity, etc.?

I was thinking of maybe Belize or Hawaii (these air fares are not too bad from the Pacific Northwest area)? Maybe Mexico?

"Many Thanks" for any and all responses. Your thoughts and recommendations are GREATLY appreciated. :)


Papa Bear
01-22-2013, 02:00 AM
Cozumel and Belize would be great choices, I would suggest a Live aboard as the diving is the easiest you'll find anywhere! Step off the back and climb the ladder back! All your gear is right there and not a lot of work for the number of dives!

01-22-2013, 02:39 PM
Thanks for the advice, Papa Bear. Great website, btw.

Papa Bear
01-22-2013, 08:24 PM
Well thank you for your response, we are working hard to make this site social and a place for learning! I will be involved in at least 3 Live A Board trips in 2013 and all are invited to come dive with us and experience the Sea with great folks with years of experience that they're willing to share!