View Full Version : Complete Nikon Pro UW Photography System for sale.

05-10-2012, 03:46 AM
Looking to upgrade from your current UW camera system?
I have a sweet Nikon D200 DSLR pro system for sale.
If you would like to buy a complete, gently used & well maintained underwater
camera set up, but canít afford retail prices, then this is the way to get into
Pro DSLR underwater photography.
I bought everything brand new from Backscatter at a staggering price of over
Nikon D200 DX camera with the Sea & Sea UW housing has all the components
needed for Macro & WA shooting. All equipment has been handled with extreme
care, regularly maintained, in excellent working order, and has never flooded.
Housing was fully serviced/pressure checked by Backscatter photo, and all orings
and seals were replaced. Package includes all necessary ports, extenders,
and gears to support wide angle & macro photography. This package INCLUDES
the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye zoom lens.
DSLR UW Photography Package:
Nikon D200 camera, compact flashcard & battery + charger. $1,200
Sea & Sea 200DX housing $4,000
Sea & Sea Dome port $700
Sea & Sea Macro port $320
Sea & Sea base rings $400
Macromate Flip Lens for super-macro shots $600
Tokina 10-17 WA lens $700
Zoom gear for 10-17mm lens $220
Focus gear for 105mm lens $265
Ultralight T Groove Base Adapters (2) $50
Hartenberger focus lamp & universal charger kit $1,000
2 Hartenberger batteries & 2 bulbs $200
Sea & Sea 45 degree Viewfinder $1,000
Inon D2000 S-TTL strobes (2) $1,380
Sea & Sea 5 pin synch cords (2) $250
Macro & Dome port covers $98
**Includes original manuals.
All that is needed to complete this set up is Ultralight extension arms, and a
pelican case!
Of course youíll need the105 macro lens, but most of us have that already.
Make me a reasonable offer and you can start shooting like a pro now.

06-25-2012, 08:02 PM
how much are you asking for everything?