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03-12-2012, 03:21 AM
Hello to all the sea lovers !

We are currently looking for some crew members to join our expeditions in the Pacific islands. You can find more information on our website here:

OceansWatch is an international not-for-profit organisation that works with sailors, divers and scientists worldwide to help coastal communities conserve their marine environments, develop sustainable livelihoods and access primary education.

Working with OceansWatch is full-on, fun, hard work and very rewarding. We are seeking people who are committed to conservation and to helping others so we would expect your C.V. to show this.

All these volunteer positions are yacht based on Moksha (54’), Magic Roundabout (34’) and Rowena (41’). Please note that 1 person can cover more than 1 job. In addition to the appropriate skills for each position the following skills and experience are very advantageous: diving, sailing, filming, photography, first aid, good report writing.

Rowena and Magic Roundabout will be based in Vanuatu. Moksha will stop in Vanuatu for a few weeks for crew training then head to the Solomon Islands and PNG.
We would like project leaders to start preparation work in our New Zealand Office by April, marine biologists and divers by about April 1st. All volunteers may be asked to help with boat preparation work or other tasks to support the organisation. Some training will be given in New Zealand and Reef Check and Coral Watch training will be given in Vanuatu.

Specific positions for 2012 in the SW Pacific


This year we require 2 experienced Skippers for trips in the SW Pacific. You will need a minimum qualification of Offshore Yachtmaster and a few ocean trips under your belt. Start asap but no later than April 1 and available for 6 months please. You must be a capable engineer as you will be sailing very remote areas, so need to be very self sufficient. Another essential attribute for working with OceansWatch is that you can get on really well with your crew (we shall ask for references) as work can be hard and stressful. You need to take responsibility for safety on our boats and realise that every crew member has been hand picked, therefore all offering equal value to the project. You really need to be a diver as well but we may be able to help get you some training if you are not already qualified. Suitable skippers who can support themselves financially get to the head of the queue but we can negotiate on a case by case basis.

Dive leaders

This year we shall need two Dive Leaders. The Dive Leaders role is to be responsible for all dive safety on board and for maintaining dive equipment and records. Minimum qualification is Divemaster but we might be able to consider experienced Rescue Divers in cases where you have a complimentary skill or qualification (eg suitable degree in a marine science). You need to be able to maintain regulators and small compressors as we are a long way from the service centre! At the start of the season we need an OWSI for 2 weeks so if you are OWSI you get to the front of the queue! High level First Aid is essential and we like our Dive Leaders to take on the additional role of First Aid officer on the yacht.

Sustainable/community development leaders

A lot of our work is on land. Our communities have many other more issues than just depleted marine resources so we are always looking at other ways to support them. We always need to do Socio-economic surveying, so that sort of experience helps us a lot. We use the SEM Pacifika guidelines as it’s a requirement of one of our potential funders. We need people who can be very sensitive to a community and individuals needs so that all stakeholders are included in decisions. Experience in small sustainable business or arts and crafts can help too as where we go unemployment is generally ~95%

Project leaders

Each project must be guided by a Project Leader. The Project Leader takes responsibility for ensuring that all the work is completed in a timely manner but most of all they need to be diplomats and very well organised. Project Leaders also look after the finances, ensure that the crew are getting on (this can be a challenge), liaise with head office, keep up the energy on board and most importantly ensure that our core values are being adhered to. Project leaders should have had some leadership experience, although we give you coaching too and they should have a relevant degree. Confidence is a big help as you may be asked to speak on behalf of the crew and meet Chiefs and government officials.

Land/water use project co-ordinator

This year we require someone to take on a multipurpose role focusing on sustainable agriculture and access to fresh water in the face of climate change. We are looking for someone with lots of organic vegetable gardening and fruit growing experience in the tropics, preferably someone with Permaculture training. You also need to have a scientific background as the role will also include water testing for salinity and other measures as well as using some very exciting new electro-sonic technology to map the freshwater lens under the atoll. You will need to be an exacting person! Sailing or diving experience would be an advantage but not essential, although you need to feel comfortable on a yacht.

Community development leader.

All our work revolves around doing what the community wants, NOT what we think that the community should want or needs. We must be very sensitive to individuals needs, village politics and must ensure that all stakeholders are full involved. This work requires training and experience with indigenous cultures. We always undertake socio-economic surveying using SEM-Pacifika guidelines and this requires meticulous record keeping and sensitivity. An aptitude for languages helps as will an interest in arts and crafts. Our Community Development leader usually also does a lot of our capacity building and awareness raising work. This often involves presenting films and talks to the community and schools. Another responsibility is running our sustainability programs such as Moana Arts and possibly new programs under development.

If you want to apply, please send an e-mail to operations@oceanswatch.org, mentioning your main qualifications. We will send you then a volunteer pack !

Best regards,

The Oceanswatch team