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02-19-2012, 05:03 PM
TWO Spots remaining!

14 night pkg, 5/5/12 - 5/19/12 is approx. $1,867, less 10% for the first 10 to commit & pay deposit (dis...count only available if we get 10 to do the 14 day pkg!). But, $1867 for 2 weeks is LESS THAN A 1 WEEK LIVEABOARD IN THE CARIBBEAN!!! You would have to depart the US on 5/3 or wee hours of 5/4 to arrive on 5/5.

Package Includes:
(The Lembeh week is fan only, the Bunaken week is A/C)
3 boat dives/day
all inclusive food
coffee, tea & water
and snacks on the boat.

Single surcharge for a room is about $15/day.
Shore diving (from a boat): $12 unguided, $15 guided
Nitrox is +/- $4.27/tank.
$?? Lembeh park fee
$?? Bunaken park fee.

We will likely lose 1 day of diving when we move from Lembeh to Bunaken, so it will be relax on day of arrival, 5 1/2 days diving in Lembeh, switch to Bunaken, then 5 1/2 days diving in Bunaken, and 1 off-gas day before flying home. Not an organized trip....we’re all adults and can get ourselves there & have fun together, but to get a group discount I may have to collect the deposits & pay all at once. We’ll work out the $$ soon. Arrange a roommate or pay S/O if we can’t pair you up. Water temps should be in the 80’s. http://www.bastianoslembeh.com/rates-table/ The same people own the resort in Lembeh AND in Bunaken.

Resort wants 25% deposit now, and another 25% deposit in 6 months with final payment due on March 15 2012. The first 10 who pay a deposit will get the 10% discount off the final payment. Make a $475 check payable to Tammy Hauk. Tammy will wire the deposit, transferring the $$ to the resort to cover those who have confirmed.

Based on today’s Euro-to-Dollar exchange rate, here is the breakdown of our charges:

The totals for a DO person is (at current exchange rates) $1871.93 plus $28.54 Transfer fee, plus whatever the two Park Fees translate to.

The totals for a SO person is $1871.93 plus $149.82 SO upcharge plus $28.54 Transfer fee, plus whatever the two Park Fees translate to.

25% deposit has been sent in for the following:
7 nights in Lembeh all-inclusive w/17 dives $913.12/pp x 7 people
3 rooms SO upcharge $99.88/pp x 3 people
Transfers from Lembeh to Bunaken $28.54/pp x 7 people
7 nights in Bunaken all-inclusive w/17 dives $958.81/pp x 7 people
3 rooms SO upcharge $49.94/pp x 3 people

- 3 meals/day (breakfast, buffet lunch, buffet dinner)
- dinner on day of arrival
- breakfast on day of departure
- coffee, tea, and mineral water
- tanks, weights, dive guide & boat
- roundtrip transfer, regular schedule

Not Included:
- scuba gear
- nitrox fills
- Lembeh Park Entrance Fee (Rp 50/pp)
- Bunaken Park Entrance Fee (Rp 150/pp)

Diving Schedule:
- Early Morning: available upon request
- 1st Dive: 8:30am surface interval 1 hour in the boat
- 2nd Dive: around 10:30-11:00am, depending on length of 1st dive
- 3rd Dive: around 2:30-3:00pm
- Mandarin Dive: 5:00pm (Thursdays & Sundays) Extra charge
- Night Dive: 6:00pm Extra Charge

Computer Limit diving, no time limit. Absolute minimum tank pressure upon surfacing is 30 Bar.
Int/Yoke aluminum tanks, 12 litre size. They recommend you bring your own DIN adapter if you need one.

02-20-2012, 05:39 PM
Here are some videos of some of the things you might find.


During a dive in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia, a Wonderpus octopus seemed to pay no attention to us as it hunted. A shrimp goby defended its burrow but the octopus was undeterred and disappeared down the goby's burrow.


This is an amazing opportunity to spend a few weeks diving two different locations. Consider joining the group of divers while there are two spots remaining.

03-19-2012, 07:59 PM
Come on divers!!!

The Publisher
03-22-2012, 11:48 AM
The Lembeh Straight is certainly spectacular!