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11-17-2011, 06:53 PM
The Blue Immersion Team is much more than just a freediving school. The Blue Immersion is a new philosophy in diving where we break the barriers of the traditional relationship between the instructor and the student and turn your freediving course to a big adventure.
We adopted a philosophy where we have a much closer relationship with the students and mentor them all the way before, through, and after their course of freediving with us. We adapt the course to each of our student individualy taking in consideration his own limits and demands by listening and monitoring him before and through over the course in order to provide the best satisfaction, maximum freedom and performance. But most importantly, we do not consider our students as a customers-we take them as a part of our freediving team and involve them into all of the aspects of the course and student’s further practice.
During the course you will become a part of a unique team with some of the most experienced freediving instructors in the world and will have a chance to absorb not only books knowledge but most importantly knowledge,skills and tips based on their own experience from a wide range of diving. It is not in our principles to close the office at 6 pm with the words: “see you the next day”. We live, eat, travel and freedive together between our locations based in Koh Tao (Thailand) and Dahab (Egypt). And if you live to develop yourself as a freediver, to explore depths of the world’s water and your own abilities than you are welcome to join us in any of those locations. With us you will be invited into the life changing experience.
Blue immersion
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