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02-12-2011, 08:26 AM
Ryanair is an Irish airline that results in International press relatively regularly. Once again, the air carrier is in the headlines. One flight got delayed by over three hrs late last week. Over 100 pupils simply refused to comply with staff directions. These fees and fines are not a popular business move. In Spain, however, the costs are being called unlawful. Article resource - Ryanair passengers riot over unexpected baggage fee (http://www.newsytype.com/3989-ryanair-passengers-riot/) by Newsytype.com.

Ryanair riots grew to become ‘mutiny’

Over a hundred passengers on a Ryanair flight from the Canary Islands to Belgium ended up being kicked off the flight. An overweight baggage charge was asked of students causing “mutiny” according to a one flight crew person. The students became "disruptive and refused to abide by crew instructions." Police were eventually called, and 100 of the 166 passengers on the flight had to be offloaded and told they could not travel on that flight. The remaining 66 individuals were apologized to for the three-hour delay and later sent on their way.

What baggage is like for Ryanair

Ryanair allows passengers to carry on a 22 pound bag within certain dimensions. A person can carry on more than that although it costs an additional fee and has to be stored in the cargo hold. The luggage had to be left on the tarmac for later retrieval if it did not follow the guidelines and there wasn’t money to pay the charge. Paying a fee while luggage was held hostage by Ryanair staff wasn’t something the students liked the idea of. It was soon known that.

Issues with Ryanair fee

Very low costs on the low fare flights are what Ryanair is well known for. However, the company is also known for all the costs that every little thing else on the flight costs. Costs like pay-as-you-go lavatory utilizes were suggested by Ryanair first. It was considered unlawful by a Spanish judge for costs to be charged for anyone who shows up without a preprinted boarding pass to Ryanair. The ruling is called “bizarre” by Ryanair that plans to challenge this. Ryanair doesn't operate in the United States, however U.S. airlines are starting to restructure their fees to be more a la carte and less all-inclusive.