View Full Version : Poseidon Discovery Cis-Lunar Mark 6 mouthpiece update

The Publisher
05-17-2010, 08:16 PM
We had a chance to dive the new Cis-Lunar Mark 6 awhile back, and I noted that because the centerline of the horizontal vibrating heads up display is quite low, I could not actually see it, nor could I usually see the colors it displayed when diving in very clear waters. Poor visibility waters results in a color reflection in the waters in front of the face mask.

One of the features of this piece of great engineering is there is a proximity magnetic sensor system within it, so when the operator bails out to open circuit via rotating a mouthpeice lever, the magnetic sensors communicate over the network to the primary controlling resource algorithm to incorporate closed circuit computational information to open circuit computation and thus continually monitor oxygen and deco issues in real time.

Elevating the heads up display so that it can be visually seen would increase the sensor distance requiring an engineering and execution rework. I am pleased to announce this is already in progress.

As we get more information we will share it.