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08-15-2009, 01:12 PM
There has been 3 trips by some of us not all trips were for collecting, a couple of boats went out and i am not sure exactly how many were on one of the other trips, i will just put on a nice pic from each trip.

The first pic is of some marine species collected on a trip to by Daves and kens boats and another in just kens boat,i think?

While on the first trip both boat loads had a three hour snorkel for some fish and inverts for our tanks.

The water was nice and clear and this pic is one of the 10 pics of the day including the area as well(it looked like a perfect day),over all a very nice day out collecting and just general ocean water activities.

This is an underwater pic of a clown trigger from a trip to frazer island and the day was very calm and the water very clear,this is one of nine photos from the day and it was a boat trip to a reef off frazer very few have been to because of it's extreme openness as it is 2 hours of open ocean off frazer isl,it is one metre deep on top and a hundred and thirty plus feet deep around it.
This place has far more life than even flinders reef,you put your fin or hand on this reef and a clam will most likely close on it(no it won't)there are just so many life forms on this reef there is no room to stand on it.
There was one group of snorkellers chasing and spearing(you should see the fish they got,nice fillets) and one group on scuba with a good camera,not like mine,sad!

The reef in this photo is flinders reef and has one of the most concentrated amounts of corals and reef life in queensland and is just over an hours trip in the boat from home.The life here is rediculasly spectacular.There were nineteen pics from that day and the conditions that day were like being in bath tub with the barrier reef in there with you and a couple of nice fish to be chased as well.There were a few blue tangs,some coral beauties,anthias,all the best coloured chaetodons,you get the idea!
The collecting here is limited so check in our (snorkelling,boating----forum section) if you want exact info on what not to do.
Basicly the northern third of the reef is open to all activities(conservation zone,in yellow),but limited to 5 creatures per person and 10 per boat per 28 days and as with anywhere(no coral creatures to be taken)that includes anemones.

This is the point at moreton,than towards yellow patch.
This area has some amazing snorkelling in certain spots,from 8 feet to 25 feet deep,some spots have all wrasse,blue angels and others,all tangs,oh and of course a cray ot two,very few places rival a couple of spots here for beautiful snorkelling,one spot in particular has the bath tub calm feel to it with barrier reef life in with you and you just swim off the shore to it if you want.There is a rock there that i have looked at several times over the last 20 plus years (last time a month ago)and it always has hundreds of tube worms in and on it,if you counted them it would most likely be more and we found a cluster of black tube worms once there,no not sea apples,actual black headed feather duster worms.

The Publisher
08-17-2009, 10:10 AM
Nice pics! I think clown triggers are such interesting patterned fish....

08-17-2009, 12:00 PM
we have some lovely spots around here,so close to home a swell.