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The Publisher
04-02-2009, 12:49 AM

Most people have heard of the IMAX system, which is composed of film cameras and a projection system for the theaters. IMAX stands if Image Maximum.

Although reports vary, it is generally agreed that the IMAX camera shoots and projects at a 5k resolution, of almost 5 times the resolution of a 1080p videocamera.

Film cartridges hold about 3 minutes of film at $3000 a cartridge. Cycling the underwater IAMX housing up, on board, change cartridges, and re-descend is about a 30 minute turn around.

The IMAX camera alone weighs close to 100lbs, excluding the housings and lights. With the housing and dual external monitor, it weighs about 1300 lbs.

It is being reported by some and it looks like to me that the port on the underwater housing is a flat port that introduces some spherical aberrations around the perimeter.

For those that have heard about or heard about the IMAX Under the Sea in 3D, this means there are two side by side lens systems. Imagine what all that weighs! That is why two divers on closed circuit rebreathers push the thing around, and support divers accompany them to cycle the system up to change cartridges, to help position it onto tripods, etc.

Now enter Scarlet and Epic, the successor to the Red One video camera. The Red One shoots at about 4k, just under IMAX resolution, but in a camera that weights less than 15lbs.

Both the Scarlet and the Epic are a good deal smaller than the Red One, and The Scarlet's base resolution starts at 3k, and goes all the way up to 6k! The 3k base version shoots at 120fps for superior slo-mo. The Epics resolution will go all the way up to 25K!

The Scarlet's base models will go for about $4000, and the Epics with the 25k Mysterium Monstro sensors will go for about $65,000.

Can you imagine a 5K Scarlet which is about the resolution of an IMAX camera, that all decked out for dry land is that is about 1/20th the cost of an IMAX camera?!

And there are Twin Scarlet's for 3d now in prototype.

So do you think Scarlet and Epic will kill the IMAX camera?

04-02-2009, 01:50 AM
I've been watching RED and I knew they had a 3D in the works. The price and quality is better than first announced.. Bring it on..

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04-02-2009, 06:11 AM

04-03-2009, 03:24 AM
Where do I get a housing? Hmmm
How much for the camera? 35,000 - 75,000?

Good Stuff...


The Publisher
04-03-2009, 03:51 PM
The base Scarlet at 3K will be about $3500. Housings to come after introduction. Housings will probably be in the $6-9K range