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01-14-2009, 05:39 PM
Posted by Ben at another site :)

The scooter demo and training are free... (but the boat charter is not)

Training day: Sunday Feb 1st. Location: Alki
Charter day: Sunday Feb 8th Location: Tacoma

Have you always wanted to try out an X Scooter on a real dive? Well here’s your chance. On Feb 8th we will be going out on a Bandito charter with 4 new scooters, both CUDA’s and Sierra’s. We will do 2 dives on the charter, and on one of the dives you will get to dive the scooter. I wish it could be on both dives, but logistics prevent that.

To ensure that you fully enjoy the dive on Bandito. We will be conducting a training day on the previous Sunday. The training day will get you upto speed on the scooter and its use.

It’s a chance to really learn about the scooters and there use, combined with some great diving on Bandito. I’m looking forward to it, it should be a great few days. Training will be conducted by the lovely Laura James ljjames@mac.com and myself, Ben McGeever.

For more info on scooters in the sound, check out Laura’s great video’s here.

Cost for the entire experience is $75 payable to Bandito Charters. http://www.banditocharters.com , Scooters and training are being given free by Dive Xtras.

To reserve a spot, please contact us at info@dive-xtras.com or Laura ljjames@mac.com

This Demo/Charter is open to non scooter owners only, and participation in the dive is dependent on satisfactory completion of the training day.


Ben McGeever
Dive Xtras
425 493 9600

02-12-2009, 04:02 AM
Rough edit of the Demo Day off the Bandito!!!!