View Full Version : Socorro Islands/Revillagigedo - Cabo San Lucas

12-10-2008, 03:58 PM
If anyone is in search of a magical dive location, then the trip to Socorro Islands is the place. This group of islands are off the Baja California, MX tip through Cabo San Lucas.

I have been out there 4 times and hoping to go again. EACH trip was magical and full of interaction. ALWAYS giant gental pacific manta Rays at San Benedicto. They are very attracted to the bubbles of the divers and will approach you as long as you don't attempt to touch them!!!

Also, curious pods of dolphins, schools of hammerheads, and other various sharks, and in the colder winter waters, I have seen whalesharks and whales. I have not been so fortunate to have seen the whales underwater, but hear them so loud you think you could touch them.

Take a look at my latest trip on the Solmar V. This trip should not be missed.