View Full Version : Some New Cis-Lunar Mark 6 Features

The Publisher
10-30-2008, 09:15 AM
Over time I am going to list some of the unique and interesting design features of the Cis-Lunar Mark 6 that most do not know about such as:

1. Urethane, small diameter, highly flexible puncture resistant clear loop hoses, all the same length so one spare will replace any. Loop hose will accordion to accommodate loop volume changes. Loop hoses are clear and covered with neoprene for heat retention. Urethane loop hoses are external corrugated and internally smooth for a lower breathing resistance and easier cleaning.

2. Full deco and trimix software programmable via cell phone into the handsets IR link.

3. One push button to release harness and wing from unit. Users can use their own wing and harness.

4. Lithium-ion battery is recharcheable via car cigarette lighter charger, a wall plug or a desktop charger powered via a USB adapter.

5. Dive profile log is USB downloadable.

6. Displays are pressure balanced, oil filled.

7. The entire unit is hydrostatically designed to operate to 200 meters.

8. Diluent and 02 cylinder pressure values are displayed on the handsets and both total remaining gas and rate of gas use is monitored and correlated by the software.

9. Display units are selectable as either Imperial or metric.

10. The unit has 4 onboard computers.

11. All computers interact via a digital communications network.

12. The unit uses a 9 compartment Hamilton Decompression Computation and Analysis Program.

13. The unit has an auto enable feature upon entering the water.

14. The unit has redundant depth sensing pressure transducers.

15. Dive time is triggered upon reaching a depth of .1 meters.

16. There are drain dump check valves in the counterlungs.

17. Every 2 minutes and the HUD will give a quick red LED flash to remind the diver to check the main display.

18. When you turn off the cylinder valves the last thing the unit does before shutting down is the 1st stages auto-bleed down for easier DIN removal.

19. The mouthpiece has a built in ADV system.

20. With the exception of the 2 oxygen cells, all remaining sensors are digital.