View Full Version : Cis-Lunar Mark 6 No-Spin Zone

The Publisher
10-26-2008, 05:52 AM
It is interesting reading some of the rampant speculation and guessing going on in other tech diving forums related to the Mark 6. The one I just heard the other day was; "if throughout the dive profile the cells constantly auto calibrate and auto validate based in part upon a signal from the pressure transducer to correlate depth into the software, the cell P02 readout will be erroneous to an unsuspecting diver".

Actually, if the signals from both depth correlating pressure transducers fails upon initialization or any time during the dive, the software will recognize such and warn the diver in multiple different ways he or she cannot dive the unit or to bail out to open circuit. There are 35 system checks the controller software goes through upon boot up.

Shortly you'll find out about the revolutionary loops hoses, how to wirelessly program your trimix deco dive plan into the Mark 6 handset controller, you'll see an HD video of the production unit that is being dived and what just about everything you will see on the handset will look like when power up and what it means. You'll see how to remove the backplate and harness in 5 seconds so you can use your own harness and wing if you want.

And for my fellow tech CCR divers with a thing for expedition rated CCR rigs, all I can say is, hang onto your hats, it looks like the bar is going to get raised WAY high.