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The Publisher
08-27-2008, 07:10 AM
NEW Oxygen Solenoid Valve - FACTORY FITTED

Product Code: EV06/01/12FF

New factory approved low power Oxygen Solenoid Valve - upgrade for Inspiration and Evolution Rebreathers

The new solenoid has been developed to APD specifications regarding materials, responsiveness, flow rate, operating pressures and power consumption, ensuring the rebreather remains within the performance criteria of the CE approval/EN14143


Much lower power consumption - half of the original - resulting in significantly longer battery life
Nominal consumption = 0.6Watts
Works with a wider range of supply pressures
Operates to lower voltages than the original
Simple design - one stainless steel moving part, combining valve seat and spring


AP can supply it with flying leads, solder boots and shrink wrap kit for self fitting (solder boots are rings of solder with built in shrink wrap you simply insert the wires and melt the solder ring with a hot air gun it solders the wires together and shrink wraps all in one)