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The Publisher
05-30-2008, 02:33 AM
Amphibico has announced their new and upcoming Phenom Z7LE for the Sony HVR-Z7U HDV camcorder. The stand alone housing with no port will be introduced for the price of $4795CAN. The user can than choose the type of port he feels will suite his needs. There are 3 port options, the standard Dome which keeps the same FOV (field of view) as the camcorder underwater and still giving full zoom-through capability. The flat port for those who in most part do macro filming, it can become a great back-up lens as well. Than they have the 94 full zoom-through high definition wide angle port, a multi-purpose lens which can be used for ultra wide shooting and can zoom in to 12”/30cm for good macro.

The “NEW” Phenom Z7LE for the Sony HVR-Z7U is an electronic and mechanical combined housing which gives a complete control of your camcorder while filming your underwater scenes. Based upon their track record in the reliability of the present Phenom FXZ1 they have added the new full 2 year Amphibico warranty.


Housing Features
• Designed for professional underwater use
• 14 Electronic push button controls to access over 25 functions
• 3 Mechanical push button controls
• Proportional Manual Focus
• Proportional Manual Zoom
• Manual White Balance
• Manual Iris
• Manual Gain
• Manual Shutter Speed
• Power On/Off
• VCR Mode (Play, Rewind, F-Forward, Stop, Pause)
• Index Markers
• Menu Control Panel
• Sensitive Dual Hydrophones
• Water sensor alarm
• Tally light flashes green while filming
• 2.5X magnified viewfinder w/adjustable dioptric control
• Bayonet Mounted Lens System
• 3 Auxiliary ports
• Single Flip filter Arm with Blue water color correction filter
• Two Year Standard Full Warranty

Ampibi-Grip hand Controls
• Proportional Manual Focus Wheel
• Video Lights on/off - for left and right light arms
• Review
• Screen Display
• Index Markers
• Record/Standby
• Wide-Angle/Telephoto
• Proportional variable zoom
• Manual/Momentary Auto Focus
• VCR functions

The Housing will sell without ports and usually shipped in a carton box with the following standard accessories, Spare O-ring Kit, carry handle & manual.

VHPHZ007 Retail cost $4795.00CAD

Available port selection:

OAFP0001 Flat Port Assembly MSRP $495CAD
OADP0001 Standard Dome Port Assembly MSRP $695CAD
OAWA0094 94 Degree Wide Angle Lens Assembly MSRP $2900CAD

Optional Carry Case

ACCX0202 Custom Carry Case with Wheels MSRP $425CAD

Optional Monitors

ACFM0350 3.5” SD external monitor MSRP $695US
ACHD043 4.3” HD 16:9 external monitor MSRP $2025CAD

Optional Lights & Light Kits

VLDL0010 10 Watt HID light and Arm MSRP $995CAD
ALKT002B 2 x 35/50 Watt Discovery II arc light Kit MSRP $6000CAD
ALKT001B 1 x 35/50 Watt Discovery II arc light Kit MSRP $4100CAD

NOTE: Pkg/complete kit systems at preferred pricing is available, Please contact us for further details.