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03-27-2008, 09:55 AM
Thought I would write a little about my favorite "local" dive spot. I live in Yokosuka, which is on the east coast of the Miura Pennisula or the Tokyo Bay side. On the west coast is Sagami Bay. On a clear day you can see Mount Fuji on the other side of the Izu Pennisula to the west of us. We dive in Hayama year round. We normally dive in the morning, but we also do night dives there as well. It's not really a "beginner" type dive. We gear up at the corner and then walk about 75 yards to steps that take us down to water level. During high tide (the preferred time to dive) the water comes up to the bottom steps. We wade across to a sand bar and then walk across the sand and rocks out. Probably another 75 yards. Once we reach the water, we start wading. Within 25 yards during high tide we'll be in waist deep water. From here we'll put on mask and fins and then snorkel out another 100 yards if we're planning on going out to the reefs off shore. If we're going to stay in closer we can start our dive sooner as now the bottom starts to fall away more quickly. Japan of course is a volcanic island. You can see the old lava flows here. Lots of canyons and even swim throughs and caves here. Good fish life. We've seen lots of stuff here. Rays, small nurse shark, lionfish, nudbibranch, big groupers and jacks, tons of lobster at night, octopus, cuttlefish. In the summer the water temp can get up into the 80's. In winter time it will be down in the low 50's. We're diving 3mm in the summer and 7mm or drysuits in the winter. In the winter we seem to find more kelp and seaweed, but better visibility. In summer the visibility can be less than 10 feet sometimes. A good day (the winter seems to have more of those) visibility can be 30 feet or more. I really enjoy this dive. I always find stuff to photograph. I never get tired of it :) I'm going to attach a few photos so everyone can get an idea....

04-01-2008, 11:14 AM
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