View Full Version : Too petite for the Transpac - where do I go from here?

03-23-2008, 05:52 AM
I researched on the web, I made a list of everything I needed and at the Boston Sea Rovers I finally got to try on a Transpac in my size (XS) and it fit just like I thought it would - almost. The backplate was the perfect length, it was all so adjustable, it was almost perfect.

Had cinched down the straps & tightened everything & realized that the end of the shoulder strap was cutting and putting pressure on my bust in a very uncomfortable way. Loosening/tightening the shoulder strap didn't help, going up or down a size didn't help. It was the length & angle of the stupid strap! :(

So now that I've found that I'm too short for the Transpac, where do I go from here? Will the Hog system work for me?

Papa Bear
03-23-2008, 06:10 AM
It just needs to be adjusted. They can go two sizes in ether direction and have a lost of custom ability in the hands of someone who knows how to adjust it. I have a female friend who is pretty small and it all she dives in.;)

03-23-2008, 05:29 PM
So now that I've found that I'm too short for the Transpac, where do I go from here? Will the Hog system work for me?

Yes!!!! go with a back plate and harness. VERY simple! Get the back plate to suit your stature, weave the web and away you go. the web will come over the shoulder and go under the arm to the hip, near the shall of the back. While I do not have the "issue" you have, and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express, ;) ;) It is a good fix. It is very easy to transport as well.

10-29-2008, 04:14 PM
Hi, try going to diverite.com and use thier solution finder help system or download the fitting guide and if that fails call them. I distribute Dive Rite and belive me a Transpac will fit anyone if set-up correctly, from 10yr olds to Macdonalds customer of the year. Your local stockist should have a copy of the Transpac promise video which is easy to follow and adresses ladies fitment.
I teach and dive recreational and tech and I would never consider a backplate for single tank diving, I know it's fashionable and looks "tech and cool" but it's innificient, places the cylinder as much as 2" off your back depending on single adaptor. Remember, rigs without buckles need a bit of extra rescue and operational training for you and your dive buddy to learn removal drill. Good luck I hope you find something that works for you whatever it is.

rubber chicken
10-30-2008, 03:05 AM
As I dive a BP&W with a single steel 12l I am intrigued as to why you think this set up is inefficient ? I have always found it ideal for dives in the recreational range.
As to rescue, "Here are my shears, in the event of a problem, cut the webbing!", seems to cover all of it.

10-30-2008, 09:31 AM
Hi, my point is if, you consider a metal backplate designed for twins has a raised centre about 1" off your spine, this is OK for twins as they sit either side of this almost on your back. A single tank adaptor (depending on design) lifts the tank abour a further 1" off your back and the wing hangs in between. Not ideal for low profile streamlined diving. Soft plates like the Transpac put the tank closest to you reducing frontal area and hight for entering small spaces. Your point about the shears is taken but nothing is easier or quicker than pinch-clips in a panic or emergency situation, try cutting through wet webbing in a choppy 7degC swell wearing gloves and decide for yourself. Harnesses are great for tech diving I am saying just be aware of the drills and make sure others are as well, if you are diving with recreational divers consider putting clips (correct load type) in your harness, it will not effect fit or comfort. In the end whatever works and is safe and comfortable for you is probably the best. Cheers